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  English hotline:
  135 5252 7373
  Price: 180/280/380/580
  Every night: 5:30-6:30pm

Tianqiao Acrobatic Theater (Wansheng Theatre) the oldest acrobatic theatre in Beijing, the best acrobatic show in Beijing.

Beijing Acrobatic Troupe

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Magical Music Box, Cirque Du Soleil,Tianqiao, also known as Heaven Bridge, was often visited by the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is the hometown of Beijing acrobatics. Many famous acrobatic artists and the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe, which has won many awards internationally, started career there.
Inheriting the essence of Chinese acrobatics, the stunning programs are performed at Tianqiao Acrobatics Theatre all year round. Tianqiao Acrobatics Theatre is a soul-stirring place you cant missTianqiao Acrobatics Theater is the theater for special acrobatic performances of Beijing Acrobatics Troupe where it puts on perennial marvelous acrobatics programs. For 40 years, inheriting the spirit of the Tianqiao traditional acrobatics and borrowing the essence of other folk arts, Beijing Acrobatics Troupe has produced a bunch of top-quality artistic acrobatic programs, chosen to put on performances on important ceremonial occasions of the country and received by leaders of the Party. In the Acrobatics Theater the acrobatic performances shall be a feast for the eye. The Beijing Acrobatics Troupe of China famous for weird, fun shows. Content includes a flashy show of offbeat contortions and tricks, with a lot of high-wire action.

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